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Pangi Tourism

A valley that transformed Me

Pangi, an isolated valley in the western Himalayas, settled between Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges is situated in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. As a part of snow leopard conservation project in the valley, that has been so far secluded, I had an opportunity to visit the place and stay there for more than two months. A scheduled area, with a resident commissioner, had a history of accommodating banished criminals sent to serve their sentence also giving a colloquial name as ‘KalaPani of North’.

Pangi remains cut off from the world for more than six months a year due to snowfall on the roads that reach there. The place with beautiful landscapes, gregarious flowering slopes, waterfalls and streams on every nook and corner, is among the blissful places a traveller can best expect for. Adventurous treks to the peaks of passes leading to other valleys, the brisk Chandrabhaga flowing through the region, the pristine culture that has remained veiled from outside world, tough living conditions and rough roads, along with the love that you get from people provides a wonderful and transformative experience in the valley.

Can a place change your perspective to look at the world? I always believed it does and experienced it in Pangi. Will be posting again soon about what mountains whispered to me when I paid attention.

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