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Mojhi Forest Trail

Mojhi Forest Trail

₹*2100 per person
01 Day

Forest trail itself elucidates the theme of the trek. Almost 90% of the trek route is marked within the reserve forest.

The trek starts from Sahali village (Mojhi bridge) with a hike towards Mojhi village. At an average pace it takes approximately 1 hour to reach the village. In Mojhi one can find the traditional Pucca houses of Pangwals and the traditional way of sericulture in the wooden logs. The cultivable land of Mojhi is compounded by Solar fencing. From Mojhi the trek road goes towards the Saichu village. In local language, this forest trail is known by the name of Piliyu trek. A horizontal pathway through dense forest is marked with a 2 KM long descent towards Saichu Nallah. It takes another hour to trek from Mojhi to Saichu.

Highlights of the program

  • Hike through dense forest
  • Interaction at Mojhi village
  • Traditional Sericulture pattern
  • Also known as Piliyu trek
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