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Chabi Waterfall Trek

₹*2100 / per person
A small hike of an hour from the nearest village Sural Bhatori…
1 Day
The ‘Leisure Safari’ takes you to the internal parts of Pangi valley.
04 Nights 05 Days

Chasak Bhatori Trek

₹*2100 / per person
Chasak Bhatori is the only Bhatori (villages dwelled by Bhots/Buddhists) among the…
01 Day

Mojhi Forest Trail

₹*2100 / per person
Forest trail itself elucidates the theme of the trek. Almost 90% of…
01 Day

Pangi – Valley of Homestays

₹*29700 / per person
This special program is designed for those who want to have an…
07 Nights 08 Days

Pangi On Bike

₹*24600 / per person
Explore Pangi Valley on bike, the theme explains an end to end…
08 Nights 09 Days

Rediscovering the old trails

₹*14000 / per person
These old routes are the trails used by locals in the period…
4 Nights 5 Day

Saichu Tuwan Wildlife Sanctuary

₹*16900 / per person
Established back in 1962, Sechu Tuwan wildlife sanctuary is among the most…
04 Nights 05 Days

Shinkal Dhar Trek

₹*2100 / per person
Shinkal Dhar is located at an estimated height of 4037 metres (13089…
01 Day

Tingloti Pass Trek

₹*13700 / per person
Tingloti pass also known as Tingloti Gali located on the high rising…
04 Nights 05 Days
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