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Chanderbhaga Cluster

Along the brisk Chandrabhaga, villages are apposite for Natural farming. Developing as spiritual cluster for tourism, numerous treks are available from villages to reach Chamunda devi at Mindhal.

It’s quite amazing to think of, how in such perilous slopes people from time unknown were able to carve out paths to walk down. They just did not only find possible paths in order to survive and live through difficult terrains but also to travel across the valley as well as to trade with people from other valleys.

Mindhal: Mindhal is famous for the Chamuda Devi temple at the centre of village, believed to be the most sacred place in the whole valley. Two Fairs Milyath and Sarjaat take place in the months of Bhadra (Aug-Sep) and Ashvina (Sep-Oct) in this temple in which devotees from across Himachal Pradesh, Punjab as well as Jammu and Kashmir take part. People of valley are most devoted to the goddess and offer animal sacrifices during the fairs.

Phindroo and Phindpar: Two villages on the either side of Chandrabhaga, Phindroo is at the approx. geographical centre of Pangi valley. Phindroo is connected with road and to reach Phindpar one has to take a walk of 1 km through an iron bridge from the roadside. Otherwise narrow flowing Chandrabhaga is widest near these villages, offering a River beach like formation here. Young people of village play volleyball on this beach.

Ajog: Among the most beautiful villages in the whole valley, Ajog is situated on the left bank of Chandrabhaga. Ajog is connected with road through an iron bridge and also has a wooden bridge for people to walk across Chandrabhaga. There is a helipad, a cricket ground, PHC, and a secondary school in this village. Surrounded by forest on both sides and meadow on top of it leading towards Kaiyum Jar, Ajog offers a spellbinding view of Baihali Jot, snow cladded peak from its centre.

Kullal: At a distance of 2-3 kms from the last roadable bridge, Kullal along with Hudan Bhatori are the only villages in valley that are not connected with road. Yet the place offers a lot for travellers. A way to Chendi Pass (old trek route connecting Pangi valley with Churah valley and Chamba) and Caves the depth of which is immeasurable as the stone thrown keeps making sound for a long while.

Shour and Sugalwas: These two nearby villages mark the beginning of Pangi valley for travellers coming from Lahual and Manali. On the right bank of Chandrabhaga, these villages are located amidst the forest and meadows. On the foothills of snowy peaks at top, an absorbing view of valley cut across by Chandrabhaga is offered from here.

Killar: The administrative centre of Pangi valley, Killar is also the main market of the region. Offering Hotels, Homestays, Bus stand, Helipad, Taxi stand Killar is frequented by people of all the villages for the administrative works as well as to meet others. Killar presents the most beautiful aerial view of Valley cut across by Chandrabhaga as well as the Glacial peaks on either sides.

What to expect

Spiritual experience through fairs and festivities of Pangi. Camping near river Chandrabhaga. A chance to learn tools and techniques first-hand from the farmers involved in natural farming. Cucumbers of Phindpar are quite famous in Pangi valley as well as in Churah.
Daring rides on the most difficult road of India ‘Killar to Kishtwar’.

How to Reach ?

Sansari-Killar-Thirot (SKT) road that connects Pangi and Lahaul runs along the Chandrabhaga. All the villages are in the near periphery of road and river. Yet, dirt road cautions drivers to be aware of gorges formed by Chandrabhaga.

Near Attraction

Killar-Kisthwar road is titled as most difficult road in India. Roads are constructed by cutting the rocks over the gorges formed by river Chandrabhaga.
Trek from Phindroo-Mindhal and Ajog-Mindhal are on old routes that attracts tourists. River beach volleyball in Phindpar is worth a try for people on leisure trips in the region.
Treks to Churah valley via Cheni pass and Kaiyum jar are reminiscent only for experienced trekkers along with a trained guide.

Homestay/Guide availability

People have now started engaging in tourism as a mean of livelihood. Numerous homestays and Campsites are now open in the valley for tourists at affordable prices.

₹1500 / per person

Aakash homestay is hosted by Mrs. Shakuntala Devi and Dr. _____. Located on banks of Chandrabhaga in Chhow, a mesmerizing location and a beautiful house have three rooms on offer for guests.

₹1500 / per person

Located in Ajog, Himalayan homestay is hosted by Devi singh ji. During their stay in Himalayan homestay, alongside trekking, village walk one can also visit the apple orchard cultivated by the host.

₹1500 / per person

Hosted by Mrs. Sunita Kumari and Mr. Madho Prasad, Himalayan explorer homestay is located in Sahali, right beside the 1000-year-old inscription. Offers a view of dense hazelnut forest on other side of river. Sunita ji is a perfect hostess to talk and know more about Pangi valley, livelihoods and culture.

₹1500 / per person

A homestay situated nearby the Chandrabhaga river manage by Mr. Amar Chand. Along the river homestay is in the Phindroo village on Killar – Tindi highway, the homestay has one room which gives window view of Chandrabhaga river. Someone can easily walk nearby the river basin. With basic amenities at homestay, you would like to…

₹1500 / per person

First ever registered homestay of pangi valley on Killar-Tandi road, Backpacker's homestay was an eternal dream of host Mr. Jagat Ram and his sons Happy and Ritik. Open for business since 2020, Backpackers Homestay is a comfortable place roadside with available parking space.

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