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What Atal Tunnel means for people in Pangi

Atal tunnel a modern engineering marvel, has enhanced connectivity of regions like Lahaul, Leh and Pangi to the world outside the trans-Himalayas. Pangi among these places seems to be the least connected still. Only three roads take you the valley, first is Sach pass which is among the highest and most difficult motorable passes in Himachal that connects Chamba and Pangi. Another is claimable of being the most difficult road in India, Killar-Kishtwar road. And the third one is through the Atal tunnel that has been built recently.

What impact does Atal tunnel have on life of community in Pangi? A place devoid of even having a petrol pump, the place that hasn’t been on map for so long that people would even ask in Pangi about the whereabouts of it. Does a tunnel change anything? It does. Tunnel smoothens the commute for people. A region severed from the world outside valley has a cyclic pattern of winter migration for many. Youths are settled in cities such as Chamba, Manali, Kullu and Dharmshala.

In a place that is ‘Off the Net’, Atal Tunnel is a ray of hope for the families that their family members are now closer than they once were. People do not have to keep waiting for winters to be over before they can see their loved ones. All thanks to BRO and constructors of road that is making Pangi a more inhabitable place for its dwellers.

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