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Sural Cluster

A major sub-valley in Pangi located at an elevation of 3500 meters above the sea level. Sural is among the most mesmerizing sightseeing spots of the land

The most Adventurous among all the sub-valleys of Pangi, Sural is the delightful place with Sural bhatori having the oldest Gumpha (Monastery) in the Pangi valley. Alongside the stream coming from Shiva peak, Sural offers a view of Sershank la pass and other snow-cladded mountains. Gumpha in Sural bhatori is surrounded by Birch Trees making it almost invisible form Sural village. The Gumpha has paintings as old as 300 years and more. A new gumpha has been built recently inaugurated in August 2021.
From the campsite near Sural, that is compounded around a cricket ground, Tingloti pass (4850 mts) can also be seen.
Chabi Waterfall: At a walkable distance of 2 to 3 kms from Sural Bhatori, Chabi waterfall is an accessible and fun place for all kind of tourists. Almost 100 feet high and 10 feet wide waterfall present a view of high altitude meadows along with adhwaris and snow-cladded (winter)/ rugged (summer) mountains on the other side of stream. One can notice the wild Himalayan flowers on their paths.
Tilmil Pani: Situated near Dharwas on Killar-Kishtwar road, Tilmil Pani is the Mica-water spring. It is surrounded by the groves of hazelnut and is known for the mystic medicinal uses among the local. Being a part of various folklores, water of Tilmil Pani was regularly used by King of Chamba for medicinal purposes.

What to expect

Sural bhatori offers an unprecedented exposure to Buddhist life and culture. The alluring feature of Bhatori is Gompha (fortified Monastery) surrounded by Betula (Birch Trees).
Trek routes spanning one single day up to 2 weeks begin from Sural trailing as far as Jammu Kashmir and ladakh.
If you are lucky enough in the country of Cricket lovers, you might be able to experience a cricket match on an average size ground at the heights of 11,000 feet and above.

How to Reach ?

Sural village is well-connected with road from Killar and is located at a distance of 30 kms. Mostly dirt road with patches of tar road at places. The construction on Sansari-Killar-Thirot (SKT) road is ongoing which will make Sural a much more accessible place. The villages on the way are Dharwas, Luj, Sural Tai before you reach Sural bhatori, the last village on the road. A diversion on the Killar-Sural road near Luj takes you to the village named Chiloli.

Near Attraction

Sural valley is base camp for numerous trek routes. Among many treks, nearest is a trek to Chabi waterfall beyond which one can trek on route that leads towards Zanskar.
Among other treks, a lake situated over tingolti pass (elevation- 4850 m) and trail towards Gandhar Bhatori (Buddhist Village in J&K) are accessible from Sural as well.
Tilmil pani, a mica-water spring, enroute Sural from Killar is a point of tourist attraction.

Best Time for visit: April-November

Homestay/Guide availability

People have now started engaging in tourism as a mean of livelihood. Numerous homestays and Campsites are now open in the valley for tourists at affordable prices.

₹2000 / per person

Based in Sural tai, Dhutwani homestay offers mesmerizing views of snow-cladded mountains on either sides. Delicious food and comfortable stay along with chance to have cultural chats with the hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Dhutwani, is at offer in the homestay.

₹1500 / per person

Passar homestay is hosted by Mr. Chain Singh in Tai Sural village. Good room service and comfortable stay with mesmerizing views of valley and mountains can be experienced from the place.

₹1500 / per person

With picturesque view of snow-cladded mountains on offer from the village, Pangi homestay in Sural Bhatori, is hosted by Mr. Amar dei. Newly built monastery (gumpha) is on walking distance from the homestay.

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