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Sechu Cluster

The wildlife sanctuary of Saichu Tuwan (Sechu Tuan) is among the most suitable and safest habitat for rare Himalayan animals such as Snow leopard, Brown bear, Bharal, Ibex and Himalayan Tahr.

Saichu (Sechu): On a confluence of three streams from Tuwan (tuan), Saichu (Sechu) forest and Chasak; Saichu (Sechu) provides a serene experience to the travellers. Saichu (Sechu) is situated at the valley and is surrounded by mountains covered with forests on all sides. At the centre of Saichu (Sechu) Tuwan (Tuan) wildlife sanctuary, one can expect to encounter wild animals at night. The two roads ahead lead to Hillu Tuwan and Chasak respectively.
Sach: Once the administrative centre of Pangi valley, Sach is the gateway to Saichu (Sechu) valley. Various regional offices and rest houses can still be found out in the village and is frequented by people for land related matters with Patwari.
Sahali: On the way to Saichu (Sechu), a village named Sahali has an age-old beautifully carved fountain slab, quiet big in size that was dug up from the earth. There is also a house really old that is designed like a fort.
Tuwan (Tuan): On a confluence of two streams, Tuwan (Tuan) offers a mesmerizing view of snow-covered mountains. With a Gumpha at centre, this village is deep inside the Saichu (Sechu) Tuwan (tuan) wildlife sanctuary. A must visit place for wildlife enthusiasts. Tuan also offers a trek towards Topiyun lake and Chhoglu lake that are enroute Zanskar and Miyar valley respectively from tuan.

What to expect

A paradise for wildlife lovers. An encounter with wildest of animal being at the centre of a wildlife sanctuary is the most probable event to happen. Along with that, for serious and committed trekkers the treks as long as two weeks are available from the region.

How to Reach ?

Well connected with road from Killar, Saichu (Sechu) is located at a distance of 30 kms from Killar, distance to Hillu Tuwan (Tuan) gompha is measured at 37 kms from Killar. The road goes through Phindroo, Sach, Sahali before reaching Saichu (Sechu) Tuwan (Tuan) Wildlife Sanctuary.

Near Attraction

Biggest point of attraction in the region is Wildlife Sanctuary itself which is habitat to rare Himalayan animals and birds. Along with that, the treks towards Zanskar and Miyar from Tuwan (Tuan) can also be an adventurous journey for the travellers.
Topiyun lake and Chhoglu lake are high altitude glacial lakes. Forests and meadows adds to the beauty of the landscape.
The Age-old Fountain slab in Sahali is also worth a look for tourists. Piliyu trek from Mouji – Saichu (Sechu) through the dense forest is another offering of the region.

Homestay/Guide availability

People have now started engaging in tourism as a mean of livelihood. Numerous homestays and Campsites are now open in the valley for tourists at affordable prices.

₹1500 / per person

Hosted by Mr. Sumanjeet singh, based in Hillu tuwan, Hill valley homestay is a perfect place to stay for wildlife lovers. In near vicinity of core zone of Sechu tuwan, guests can explore various trek that are on offer from the place.

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