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Shinkal Dhar Trek

Shinkal Dhar Trek

₹*2100 per person

Shinkal Dhar is located at an estimated height of 4037 metres (13089 feet) above sea level and offers a mesmerizing view of Shiva peak.

Due to conglomeration of air from different sides, one might at times feel the musical composition like sound at the top. In the local folklore this sound is believed to be coming from Damru (Shiva’s instrument) being played at Shiva peak that is audible only at Shinkal dhar. One can reach Shinkal dhar after a walk of 7 kms (4 hours) from Hudan Bhatori, the nearest village connected by road. On the way to Shinkal dhar, Bhimtalai lake and Adhwaris (Sheepcote) inside natural caves like structures formed by rocks. A stone that has a snake (naag) engraved is another point of attraction. A Shivling (4037 m) like structure was naturally carved out on stone at a distance of 2 kms before Shinkal dhar. A temple is built below that stone.

Highlights of the program

  • 7 km hike to a height of 4037 metres (13089 feet)
  • Trek till the base of Mt. Shiva (6200 mtr)
  • Mystical sounds of Damru (Lord Shiva’s Instrument)
  • Sheepcote in caves
  • Bhimtalai lake at a height of 3576 metres (11595 feet)
  • Snake engraved on stone and naturally carved out Shivling temple
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