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Shinkal Dhar Trek

₹*2100 / per person
Shinkal Dhar is located at an estimated height of 4037 metres (13089…
01 Day

Mojhi Forest Trail

₹*2100 / per person
Forest trail itself elucidates the theme of the trek. Almost 90% of…
01 Day

Chasak Bhatori Trek

₹*2100 / per person
Chasak Bhatori is the only Bhatori (villages dwelled by Bhots/Buddhists) among the…
01 Day

Pangi On Bike

₹*24600 / per person
Explore Pangi Valley on bike, the theme explains an end to end…
08 Nights 09 Days

Chabi Waterfall Trek

₹*2100 / per person
A small hike of an hour from the nearest village Sural Bhatori…
1 Day

Rediscovering the old trails

₹*14000 / per person
These old routes are the trails used by locals in the period…
4 Nights 5 Day

Saichu Tuwan Wildlife Sanctuary

₹*16900 / per person
Established back in 1962, Sechu Tuwan wildlife sanctuary is among the most…
04 Nights 05 Days

Tingloti Pass Trek

₹*13700 / per person
Tingloti pass also known as Tingloti Gali located on the high rising…
04 Nights 05 Days
The ‘Leisure Safari’ takes you to the internal parts of Pangi valley.
04 Nights 05 Days

Pangi – Valley of Homestays

₹*29700 / per person
This special program is designed for those who want to have an…
07 Nights 08 Days
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